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The title says it all, this blog is dedicated to Takuto Hirukawa from the Voltage Inc series "Love Letter From Thief X". So if you are a fan of Takuto, you have found the right blog ^_^

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lots of heartache from riki’s route. D:


ᖴᖇEE! - ᒪᒪᖴT᙭ ᔕTYᒪE

Well, my hand is officially cramped…

If you’re going to redistribute/reuse/repost/resomething.

Give credit, please and thank you. <3

(Maybe I should have added their names…Too late now xD)


I was supposed to doing the laundry but meh, made takkun fanart instead.. pretty satisfied by the result.. draw horaemon (i honestly dont know how this look like) and bunny shuffey as well

Hi! I luv ur app! But i wantsd to know what app u use to do all these texting stuff...


Hello! Thanks for the message! I actually just googled a text message generator and have used that. I have also just texted my iPad from my iPhone to create the texting posts. Hope this helps :)


Thank you guys for all your support!! You are amazing :) :)

300 follower giveaway!

Hi guys! As you may know, this blog recently reached the 300 follower milestone. To show our appreciation for all the support, we’re holding a giveaway! We’re giving away two Takuto fanfictions, the prompts of which each winner will decide.


  • We ask that you be following us, as this giveaway is a thank-you to our supporters.
  • Like and/or reblog this post (one like and one reblog max, please! Extra reblogs will not be counted!)
  • We will pick three winners using a random number generator and alert them.
  • Each winner will have 48 hours to respond to our message, and they’ll get to come up with a Takuto-related prompt they want to see a fanfic of.
  • The president and vice president of the club (brittakneebro and takutoschokingface) will each write a fic for the winners!

That’s all! You have until 12:00am PST on July 31, 2014 to enter the giveaway. Best of luck, and thanks again for your support!

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